Wannacry/WannaCrypt – Always backup!


I run a Synology DS213j which I use primarily as the house NAS.
After wannacry broke the NHS it reminded me of the importance of backups.
With regular backups ransomware like this is ultimately useless, other than a troublesome admin task to remove.

Actions taken

  1. Backup important directories hourly to a different directory on the NAS – primarily as a way of obtaining any documents I mistakenly change. I don’t want to be bothered using a versioning system.
  2. Ensure my mac is now running Time Machine which automatically backs to the NAS.
  3. Ensure the NAS itself is backed up by:
    a) Doing a rsync backup nightly to an even older ds101j nightly of main documents and photos.
    b) Doing a backup to an external usb disk that I can remove and cycle to ensure backups away from NAS with an air gap.
    c) Try periodically a test of the backups.
  4. Install antivirus on the NAS

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