DNS – using internal DNS to block advertisements.

In order to improve my connectivity, use an internal DNS.

Actions taken

It was apparent that every time an advert appeared on youtube, my daughter, 2 year old, cried.
My initial though was put ad-blocking software on the iPad, but decided to go for a more holistic approach and block the advertisements at the DNS level.

My initial thoughts was to use my old DS101j as a DNS server for the house. This is a very old piece of kit dating back to 2003, but probably ok for the light load in my house. The only package that can be installed on it was dnsmasq via optwore.

After playing around with dnsmasq I discovered it is really great as a caching DNS, but pretty useless as a fully functional one. I wanted a DNS to do recursive queries and resolve internal and external addresses.
My next step was to investigate the DNS package that could be installed on the DS213j. Synology however neglect to be specific about the contents. After ssh-ing to the box and digging around I fount that the process is a renamed bind9. Bind9 being the industry standard for DNSs.

It was then simply a matter of following the tweets as listed here:

I did look if there was a bind10 and found this humorous piece which is quite telling of the software industry as a whole.

There really is only one industry standard generic DNS product, bind9.

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