Piwik was working on local network but not externally. Now fixed.

Actions taken
Piwik recommends tracking code with ‘//mynasbox/piwki/’. This seems correct, but I did realise I had to change ‘mynasbox’ with my url. So went with ‘//www.brombo.co.uk/piwik/’. This however didn’t generate any hits. I then realised that www.brombo.co.uk maps to the ‘/web/wordpress/’ directory via webhost ¬†and piwik is in ‘/web/piwik’, so url is wrong.

Why it works internally is my internal DNS fakes a different ip than my domain name registrar.

My initial thoughts was to add another CNAME piwik.brombo.co.uk mapping via webhost to ‘/web/piwik’, however safari likes to put www. infront of my new CNAME so then webhost doesn’t match. I decided this probably wasn’t the best solution.

The fix I eventually used was to put a synmbolic link ‘/web/wordpress/piwik/’ that maps to ‘/web/piwik/’. This seems to work.

Sadly, test and test again. Finally sometimes the simplest solution works!

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