Been busy just not posting. Installed SMTP server.


I have several domains but need to be able to send and receive from the all.
The solution appears to be to run Mail Server Plus. Note don’t use the standard one as that is old. It is fairly simple to install, plus you need to poke a few holes through the firewall so the mail can be send to my server. It is however useful to setup the postfix stuff which allows mail to received and forward. This is documented in

It must be noted you can assign names such as

[email protected] andrew [email protected]

so it will send [email protected] to 2 recipients one even being forward out onto the SMTP outbound.

I default my second mail server, at a lower priority, to the domain email routing server of the supplier. So if my server goes down. the domain server will still forward to my mail, to say a gmail account.


SMTP seems to be working ok, but a bit worried about being hacked.

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