Synology gitlab – Fix – GitLab 502 error – fails to come up.


Installed gitlab. Mostly straight forward, but if it crashes or the box is powered off, then gitlab will not come up again.


Gitlab runs in docker so you need to log onto the docker and delete the unicorn process id.

sudo docker exec -it synology_gitlab bash

rm /home/git/gitlab/tmp/pids/

I found this on the blog below.


Gitlab appears to use a LOT of memory and on a small box, such as a synology, this may not be great. I will have to see how it goes as only have 4GB at  present.

Gitlab uses file to track if the process is running. This is fairly standard way of doing things, but if something bad happens this isn’t cleaned up. This isn’t a great deployment solution. I might look at writing a startup script to always remove this. This however is just a patch and synology really should look at making this package more robust.

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