Install google benchmark on a Mid 2014 MacBook Pro


How do I work out how fast a piece of code is? You can make reasonable guesses, but the only way you ever know is to actually measure it. So decided to install google benchmark.


Installing google benchmark is fairly straight forward.  Google benchmark can be obtained from github.

I am building on a Mid 2014, MacBook Pro and it didn’t build straight off.  In CMakeLists.txt the entry

# ICC17u2: overloaded virtual function "benchmark::Fixture::SetUp" is only partially overridden
# (because of deprecated overload)

seemed to cause a problem.
My compile doesn’t seem to know about -wd654, so commenting out this line allowed the installation to continue. I am not too worried about it as I believe the comment ICC is referring to the intel compiler and I’m using clang.

There appears to be a thread on this at:

My compilation did stop again, but this was due to gtest not being installed. This was straight forward to fix.  Build and install a version of gtest.


Google benchmark seems to build on a 2014 MacBook Pro, with minor issues.

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