Dave, I’m afraid I can’t let you do that…..

My website has been very inactive for quite a long time… Just chilling enjoying it’s life… when this week it got blacklisted by google!!
Anyone trying to visit the site using chrome got hit with a VERY large RED screen! Quite frankly even I felt very shy to enter my own site. Had I been hacked? Was the web as bad as they say. Had China/Russia/Cia/Fbi infiltrated my site to sell Bitcoins or dispense spam?
No! I believe my certificate had expired/was miss configured and a web crawler saw a lot of javascript/code stuff and said hey! this site is dangerous.
Why am I complaining as now my site is up and running? Firstly I upgraded the backend of the site and checked for hacking. Couldn’t find any evidence of hacking, and redid the certificates. I believe the site was flagged for social engineering?
Why am I complaining? Chrome has 68% market share of the web, and safari uses googles site to valid websites, so effectively Chrome/Google CAN shut down the WEB!
I was never scared of how the web was developing until now. Effectively anyone can put up a website, but it can be directly shut down. The web is morphing more into a conduit for netflix and facebook (other brands are available and appear daily!) and crowding out the little man who has little power.
Anyone who doesn’t understand technology is walking blindly into an abyss where the greatest invention since the printing press is held captive for money and political power.
It looks like open source software is probably the only way forward, but the web is still vulnerable to denial of service attacks from CDNs (i.e. kicked off cloudflare) or routed with insufficient bandwidth by internet providers, or god forbid restricted by governments.
I am not a political animal and I leave watching the watchers to better websites such as bellingcat.com, but these can be shutdown in an instant. Even the dark web requires a conduit to work.
I refer you to the clash song “know your rights”


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